Power Rangers #1 by Ryan Parrott

Power Rangers #1Power Rangers #1 by Ryan Parrott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like Mighty Morphin #1, this is incredibly new reader un-friendly. Honestly, if I hadn’t been watching Power Rangers for years I’d have been completely lost. As it was, it took me a while to figure out these particular Rangers are Jason, Zack and Trini, who originally left to attend a peace conference in Switzerland (or after the actors’ contract negotiation went south…) and are now, apparently, the Omega Rangers, who’s been travelling through space.

They’ve returned to Earth to ask for Zordon’s help to track down a new enemy that wiped out the entire population of a planet. they think Lord Drakkon can help them, but Zordon refuses to release him (because it’s quite clear that he’s evil and that would be bad). So…well…you can guess what happens next…

Despite me having to figure out the back story as I read, I really enjoyed this. I particularly enjoyed the scene between Rocky and Jason, where Rocky worries that Jason sees him as a disappointment. The art is fantastic and I’ll definitely be staying to curse Drakkon’s inevitable betrayal….

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Mighty Morphin #1 by Ryan Parrott

Mighty Morphin #1Mighty Morphin #1 by Ryan Parrott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is good, with sharp writing and stylish, clean art.

But, as a first issue…? It really assumes you’ve been reading Boom’s previous Power Rangers comics, and…sadly…I have not…so I felt a little lost.

The team spend a lot of time speculating as to who the new Green Ranger might be. Could he be Drakkon? Could he be someone else? And…as a new reader I was left thinking, “What Green Ranger?” and “Who’s Drakkon?” I mean, I have a vague awareness of who Drakkon is, but it would have been helpful if they’d taken a little time to fill new readers in.

That said, these felt like the same characters I’m familiar with from the show, and I like that they’ve kept the Bulk & Skull b-plot tradition from the show too. It also helps that Bulk and Skull are nowhere near as irritating as they were on TV…but maybe that’s because that stupid music doesn’t play every time they show up!

I liked this and it’s probably done enough to make me stick around for a while…and maybe pick up some back issues to figure out what’s going on…

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