I’m amused…

…that people got annoyed with Moffat for supposedly “ignoring” the previous continuity regarding the Daleks and showing us that Skaro was still there.

I mean, for starters, “still there” is essentially a meaningless term in a show that is about time travel…even if Skaro may or may not have been “time locked” at the end of the Time War.

But…more importantly…which previous continuity for the Daleks are we talking about? The one where they were originally the Dals from Skaro whose travel machines drew power from the metal floors of the city they lived in but could never leave? Oh…wait…Terry Nation himself ignored that previous continuity that he’d established himself when he went on to reveal in later episodes that they were actually the Kaleds and were quite capable of leaving their city. Oh, and travelling through space. And time.

Oh…and then, of course, The Doctor interfered with Dalek history and possibly completely rewrote every previous encounter he’d had with them.

And then all the Daleks were destroyed. Multiple times. And Skaro was destroyed too. But then it wasn’t.

The Doctor and the Time Lords have been battling the Daleks back and forth through time and space for so long that any attempt at recording a meaningful history of their encounters must necessarily be futile. The past must be being constantly rewritten. It must be in constant flux. The Daleks, Davros, Skaro…sometimes destroyed, sometimes not, all depending on who has won the latest conflict. And by “latest” I mean…well…it could have happened before they ever encountered each other…or in the far future…or yesterday…or an hour from now.

Maybe the Time War never happened now. Maybe Skaro exists again. And so does Gallifrey. And all the Time Lords. Maybe when history was remade in The Big Bang everything was rewritten, and the time locks put in place at the end of the Time War were broken…and he just hasn’t realised it yet. Because, come on, if you were the Time Lords, would you want to let The Doctor know you were out there again?