Deadpool (2019-) #5 by Kelly Thompson

Deadpool (2019-) #5Deadpool (2019-) #5 by Kelly Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While this issue is definitely not as good as previous issues, mainly due to the lack of Chris Bachalo’s art, it’s still excellent, mainly due to the continued presence of Kelly Thompson’s writing. Although, that said, Gerardo Sandoval’s art is by no means bad.

The premise is silly, of course, Deadpool is the newly crowned king of the monsters and he has to team up with Else Bloodtsone, monster hunter extraordinaire, to stop a rogue, adolescent kaiju from destroying Manhattan. On, and the rogue, adolescent kaiju is Jeff the land shark’s best friend. See? Silly.

But there’s more to this than just silliness. There’s Deadpool learning to live with his new found responsibilities. Taking tough decisions to protect the monsters that he’s now responsible for. And there’s a budding romance with Elsa Bloodstone, who’s also learning that there might be more to monsters than, you know, killing them.

This continues to be great and I really hope that this run keeps going for a long time. (Which probably means it’s already been cancelled and I just don’t know it yet).

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