Fantastic Four (2018-) #22 by Dan Slott

Fantastic Four (2018-) #22Fantastic Four (2018-) #22 by Dan Slott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, in my review of #21 I complained that Wolverine just running his claws through the Skrull girl was wildly out of character, but I needn’t have worried because, of course, those actions really had no consequences at all. She’s fine. But somehow knows Alicia and nobody, including Alicia herself, really knows why.

Also, remember those FF costumes that Spidey and Logan were wearing on the cover of the last issue? They actually get those costumes this time. On the last page.

Meanwhile, the Priests of Pama are making Spidey’s Spider-Sese go crazy, and they want the Kree kid…for some reason. Well, it’s because he’s the Kree’s living chronicle, apparently, and so there are details of a doohickey in his mind that will help the Cotati win the war. Oh yeah, the Priests of Pama are working with Cotati for some reason, Despite the fact that the Cotati are dead set of wiping out all flesh based life…and the Priests of Pama are human. But, hey, I’m sure they totally have understandable motivations that we’ll totally find out next month, maybe.

I’m being overly harsh because it’s currently a million degrees here, and to be fair this issue has some great dialogue and some really pretty art. But, yeah, this wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great either.

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