Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #3 by Daniel José Older

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #3Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #3 by Daniel José Older
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story continually flips between Krix with the Nihil on the Gaze Electric and Zeen with the Jedi on the Starlight Beacon (I keep wanting to call it the Starlight Citadel, but that’s something from a whole different comic entirely).

It’s an interesting dichotomy as both the Nihil and the Jedi are manipulating Krix and Zeen in their own ways and asking them to do things they’re not entirely comfortable with. But, of course, while the Jedi are motivated by wanting to fight evil, the Nihil have very different motivations.

This issue is mostly set up for the conflict to come, but that’s not a bad thing. Things need to be set up in a story…that’s how story telling works. And in the meantime we get to know Zeen and Krix a bit better. Krix is clearly someone who’s willing to throw others under the bus to save his own neck. But…can you really blame him? How would any of us act in his situation.

The art is really quite lovely. It’s not in the usual “Marvel style” that those reading recent Star Wars comics will be accustomed to, and reminds me more of the Star Wars comics produced in the early days of Dark Horse’s run. But, this isn’t a Marvel comic, after all, and the art style fits the book incredibly well.

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