X-Force (2019-) #12 by Benjamin Percy

X-Force (2019-) #12X-Force (2019-) #12 by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was either brilliant or awful, and I’m honestly not sure which it is yet.

You see, for me, it all depends on whether or not Beast is actually going to suffer the consequences of his actions. To me, what Beast is doing is abhorrent. It’s a blatant violation of Piotr and Arkady’s human rights (not to mention the fact that Illyana is also Russian, but I’m guessing he’s too afraid of her…and I’m assuming she doesn’t know what he’s done to her brother yet…). If this is all building to some kind of reckoning with the fascist undertones of Karkoa’s utopian society, then this is brilliant. If, however, it all gets fudged and everyone just kinda lets what Hank’s doing slide because the ends justify the means then…not so much.

So, yeah, I’m not sure where this is all going. It’s entirely possible that ultimately it’ll be revealed that this isn’t our Hank McCoy at all and it’s really Dark Beast, but I very much doubt that…I suspect it’s more heading to the revelation that Hank and his dark counterpart aren’t all that different after all. But, then again, this just brings us to the question of where this whole Krakoa arc is headed, and Hickman must have a plan for that…I don’t think that, at the end of it, Krakoa will remain as a utopian mutant homeland. It’s all going to go very wrong. And I suspect that Beast is at the heart of that.

But…I don’t know…and that’s why I haven’t given this issue a higher score.

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