Deadpool (2019-) #9 by Kelly Thompson

Deadpool (2019-) #9Deadpool (2019-) #9 by Kelly Thompson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“How are they going to resolve this in a way that ties everything up and makes sense?” I found myself wondering, and, dammit, Kelly Thompson pulled it off!

If you’d told me a while back that making Deadpool King of the Monsters and then teaming him up with Else Bloodstone would lead to one of my favourite comics, I…well, I might have believed you…but I’d definitely be surprised.

Plus, you know, Jeff the Shark.

I also have to mention THAT COVER by Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend. Because it’s stunning. It’s “get me a poster of this so I can put it on my wall” stunning.

So, yeah. this is a really good book and you should be reading it.

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