X-Force #20 (X-Force by Benjamin Percy

X-Force #20 (X-Force (2019-))X-Force #20 (X-Force by Benjamin Percy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

X-Force are running security for the Hellfire Gala and as such we get to see a scene from Marauders #21 play out in more detail, namely Quentin’s encounter with Tony Stark, in which the two geniuses butt heads. We don’t learn too much more than we already knew, other than that they’re both massive ass hats. Which, uh, we already knew.

Meanwhile, Beast is up to something…and that something is getting himself confused with The Almighty. No, not the Glaswegian hard rock band from the Nineties, but God themself. Beast’s god complex has run rampant, particularly in regards to Terra Verde, and now Emma has found out and, uh, things are going very, very wrong…

Meanwhile, Deadpool crashes the party, because of course he does.

Top notch stuff from the Hellfire Gala! And I’m also impressed that this even is being used to bring long running plot threads to fruition rather than derailing them.

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