Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1 by Jonathan Hickman

Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1 by Jonathan Hickman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve gotta confess, I’m with Emma here…if they know that they can just resurrect Storm, why fight so hard to save her from the techno-organic virus? Also, how was M able to figure out how to save her when nobody else could? Given that the plot threads within this book have also been woven through most of the other Giant Size one shots, everything still felt a little deus ex machina here, when surely there’s been enough time to properly set things up.

That said, the art is absolutely gorgeous, as Daughterman’s work always is. And there’s still a lot to enjoy here in the writing. I particularly enjoyed seeing more of Doug Ramsey, who’s very much been pushed into the background so far.

But, yeah, having Emma point out the pointlessness of fighting to survive when you’re functionally immortal at the start of the book kinda’ sucked all off the tension away for me.

It’s entirely possible I’m missing something though, as I so frequently am.

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